Steely Focus

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Steely Focus showcases the steely resolve of the MORE BODY woman. The story includes contrast colour panels and stitching with Liquorice as the stable and grounded foundation contrasted with Light Grey and Deep Mauve. She is all steely focus on the inside yet cool, calm and collected on the outside.

The range includes contrast colour panels and stitching with Liquorice as the centre piece contrasted with the cool yet calm Light Grey, spiritual and resolute Deep Mauve.  Liquorice rules the story and takes its place as the centre stage focus landing in the mid-line of the body resulting in a more flattering and contouring shape.

There are a range of styles in the Steely Focus collection to choose from including the two way wear short core bodysuit, leggings, active crop tops, t-shirts and our hero reversible jacket. 

  • Bodysuit: Rectus our the short core two-way wear bodysuit.  Pectoralis is fabulous to wear underneath and enjoy the freedom of movement the bodysuit provides with bonded finish at the top, adjustable straps and laser cut legs.  Wear the bodysuit either on the low neck or high neck side at front, completely your choice, Rectus looks whip smart on its own or under a t-shirt.
  • Leggings: Standing beside and ready to move is Vastus our mid-waist full length legging with contrast muscle specific stitching. This legging works back beautifully with Pectoralis. They seriously are better together!
  • Active crop tops:  Need we say more, Pectoralis is a classic bagged out crop top with more coverage and support. 
  • T-Shirts & Tops: Pair your Rhomboideus tank back with Vastus leggings or worn over your Rectus bodysuit.  Introducing Spinae the slightly oversized long sleeve top with adjustable ties at the neck, wrist and waist. All tops are supremely comfortable to work out or walk about in as the bamboo fabric is naturally moisture wicking.  
  • Jacket: The finishing touch is our Pike light weight reversible blouson jacket in Charcoal or Deep Mauve side? An adaptable friend indeed, purely mood based of course!

Focused and with laser precision we resolve to keep our Steely Focus women moving cooly in the studio and en route.