Conceived and designed in Australia by a qualified pilates instructor, MORE BODY is pilates and in-studio activewear that supports your every move.

Having spent a lot of my time in Lycra, I was motivated to create a purposeful activewear range that contours and truly flatters the body with a meaningful guiding principle

The notion of consciousness runs right through the brand; from the use of our recycled and eco-aware fabrics through to considered design features that inspire both form and performance. 

Having been fortunate to work in the luxury sector for two decades, there is an elevated commitment to quality across all aspects of the brand.

Proudly tested and worn by pilates, barre, and yoga instructors, MORE BODY inspires purposeful practice, mindful movement, and enhanced performance. MORE BODY is for every body.

 Wishing you a purposeful practice,

Melinda xx
Founder and Pilates instructor

Melinda O'Rourke in MORE BODY pilates eco-friendly activewear

Photo credit: Michelle Holden


In this situation, MORE IS MORE, so a little MORE about MORE BODY.


  1. An anatomical approach

Considered design features contour your shape and guide your movement. MORE BODY signatures include:

  • High waists for core support
  • Wide, under-bust banding for additional support and subtle control of the upper ribs
  • Key panel construction for contouring and a streamlined aesthetic
  • The MORE CORE FIVE icons featured on our signature Companion collection motivate purposeful practice
  1. A commitment to conscious consumption

The use of innovative techno-fabrics such as the one made with ECONYL® which is 100% regenerated nylon fibre from fishnets and other nylon waste support our commitment to sustainability and conscious consumption. MORE BODY pieces are designed to last; our activewear fabrics are resistant to pilling, sunscreens and oils, with excellent coverage to avoid show through.  We use bamboo in our t-shirts.

  1. A focus on both practicality & style

Hero pieces (such as reversible jackets and two-way bodysuits) boast dual functionality while the activewear collection boasts high-tech design features such as laser-cut finishing for precision, bonding for comfort, and a sophisticated, seasonal aesthetic. Innovative fabrics are not only breathable and comfortable against the skin but aid muscle compression, decreasing the production of lactic acid.

We would love to hear from you and how you enjoy working out and wearing MORE BODY. Please email us at more@morebody.com.au









Size Chart

XS 8 36 8 4
S 10 38 10 6
M 12 40 12 8
L 14 42 14 10
XL 16 44 16 12


Refer to the measurement guide to find your size

1.  Upper Bust, circumference across fullest part of bust - CMs 83 88 93 98 103
1.  Upper Bust, circumference across fullest part of bust - Inches  32.5 34.5  36.5 38.4  40.4
2.  Waist, circumference across narrowest part of waistline - CMs 65 70 75 80 85
2.  Waist, circumference across narrowest part of waistline - Inches  25.5  27.4  29.4 31.4   33.4
3.  Hips, circumference across fullest part of hips  - CMs 93 98 103 108 113
3.  Hips, circumference across fullest part of hips - Inches  36.5  38.4  40.4  42.4  44.4

Handy hint - try to measure yourself in front of a mirror so you can ensure the tape measure is aligned at front and back of torso when measuring bust, waist, hips.