Introducing Dame Denim Indigo

December 07, 2020

Introducing Dame Denim Indigo - More Body

This collection came to me as a lover of denim in all its forms - ripped, recycled faded or indigo coloured. Denim has a sense of egalitarianism. It's a leveller; everyone wears denim. I wanted this capsule to command attention with the rank that indigo deserves. It speaks of authority and strength and with any strong woman, there is light and shade. The hues of indigo give it impartiality and personality. The sustainable fabric is custom dyed and by the very nature of this process has nuances with each piece. Just like each of us, individual and unique.

Indigo is borne from the Latin for "Indian", a well travelled dye that was originally imported to Europe from India, the home of spirituality. Created from a blend of blue and purple, indigo spiritually symbolises wisdom, devotion, creativity, fairness, impartiality, justice and dignity.  The Dame Denim Indigo capsule comprises our two best selling active bra tops; Infraspinatus and Pectoralis, along with 3 hero styles for the bottom; our long short Sartorius, 7/8 legging Gracilis and full length legging Vastus. 

I hope you enjoy moving in these pieces with strength and style. Be inspired by the myriad combinations possible via the images below from our Dame Denim Indigo campaign shoot, shot on location amid the beautiful ocean blues, natural rocks, sand and foliage at Shelly Beach in Sydney with gorgeous Ting as our model, a passionate Pilates lover and delightful person. Whether you're bending backwards in camel pose, meditating, sipping your morning coffee, or going from "workout to street wear" by adding a denim jacket for a new take on double denim, this capsule will take you there.