December 09, 2020


Since growing up, my core summer practices are consistently followed. I try to stretch my summer from November to April, despite it starting 1st December and finishing 28 February. Such is my love for the warmest months of the year!
As the temperature goes up I try to keep balanced and cool headed by:
  1. Rising early and breathe the beauty of the morning in.
  2. Meditate and appreciate all that I have.
  3. Focus on nature - earthing, walking barefoot in the grass, sitting on the grass - your backyard, the nature strip, the park nearby... find some green and get up close and personal with it!
  4. Early morning swims - if you're lucky enough to live near the water or have access to a pool - full immersion, jump or dive in... no slow entry to the water for me. If you're going in, you're going all in and quickly. Alternatively after your warm shower, stay in for two minutes longer just with cold and feel how invigorated (and alert ) you are afterwards.
  5. Summer fruits and vegetables - eat a mango, suck the pip until it's fleshless, snack on strawberries, bite into a watermelon, eat the avocado directly from it's skin, and eat a tomato like an apple!
  6. When you're finished working, walking or a workout for the day - indulge in a swim, a shower and then refresh with a spritz of facial mist, eat slowly, mindful of the day gone by, relax and rejuvenate, then REPEAT.
  7. Spend time with friends and family. Let laughter fill you. Honour social connection. It's party season after all!