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Join me on the virtual mat at a time that suits you.

Choose from 15 - 40+ minute workouts.

I have created a library of Pilates mat and Pilates inspired workouts that you can access through purchasing your Casual Class Pass at a time that suits you.  There is a range of  workouts with and without the use of props for you to select from. 

July - What's on offer?: 

1. Pilates foundations, prop free - 43 minutes

This classic Pilates foundation workout is an excellent slow-yet-strong class and a great reminder of some of the fundamentals of this discipline. You will forward flex, extend rotate and laterally flex the spine. Inner thighs, abdominals, hamstrings and shoulders are given lots of attention too. 

2. Pilates prop free classic strong - 41 minutes

This prop free slow 'strong' Pilates workout moves through many of the classic pilates poses and a great one to follow on from the Pilates foundation class above (1). Using your own body weight you are able to lengthen and strengthen the entire body with flexion, extension and rotation through planks, side planks, hinges, hundreds (more like 150s!) with a lot of focused mid and lower abdominal work.

3.  Pilates prop free slow stretch class - 39 minutes

This workout is one to do when you are feeling the need to go slower with your moves and breathe deeply into each pose. Using your own body weight you are able to lengthen and strengthen the entire body with flexion, extension and rotation.

4.  Pilates prop free  - 15 minutes 

This workout is one to do when your time is limited. Using your own body weight you are able to lengthen and strengthen the entire body, get your heart rate up and maybe break a small sweat! Half, full, reverse and side planks, obliques and hip work. Let's move.

5. Pilates stretch class with resistance brand - 36 minutes

This class has a strong hip focus and one to do when you feel relief is needed. It has a slower yet strong pace also working shoulders, outer thighs and side body. Using your own body weight you are able to lengthen and strengthen the entire body with flexion, extension and rotation..

6. Pilates and resistance band - 33 minutes

This workout is a great one to add to your regime. Working with resistance builds strength and with the aid of a band supports you moving into some poses that, without our resistance band friend, might be more challenging. We are rowing, balancing, hovering, doing side lifts and working our end range through opposing stretches. No band snaps allowed! Enjoy this all body workout.

7.  Pilates with the chair - 37 minutes

The Pilates and chair workout has been created not as a lazy-sit-down-kinda-workout, but one that will challenge balance, hip flexors, back extensors abdominal muscles - in essence an all over focused body workout. 

8.  Hybrid Pilates and hand weights - 36 minutes

Using 0.5kg, 1kg, 1.5kg or 2kg recommended (or bottles of water, wine or food ) you are able to lengthen and strengthen the entire body and take your workout up a notch by loading across bicep and tricep muscles; you'll change stability with lunges and work on your abductor muscles with shoulder openings. Obliques get a look in too with side crunches and spinal twist to name a few. Anytime you feel the shoulders come around the ears, give the weights are break for a bit.

9.  Pilates with hand weights - 40 minutes

This Pilates and hand weights workout adds load gradually to build strength. This workout is slower in pace yet aims to challenge shoulders, back, biceps, triceps as well as lats and abs. Ideal hand weights, 0.5kg, 1kg, 1.5kg or 2kg recommended (or household alternatives such as bottles of water, wine or food - please listen out for instructions where not to use these ). If you start to feel 'necky' i.e. feel this in your upper trapezius, modify by taking arms lower or removing the weights altogether.

10.  Pilates with the magic circle - 33 minutes

Magic Circle time (Pilates ring, aka The Ring of Fire). This is a slower paced class which aims to add both support and resistance challenge to your workout. Focusing on inner thighs, inner arms and helps to open the hamstrings. There is balance, push ups, roll ups, half roll downs, upper body rotations and more.

11. Pilates & mini ball workout - 15 minutes

Limited time? Your name is on this workout.  In 15 minutes your Pilates exercise is done and you are ready to roll.  Using the Pilates ball (or a cushion or rolled up towel) you are able to lengthen and strengthen the entire body, feel the beat of your heart and know your abdominal muscles really exist as we work them with roll ups, roll downs, leg work and the ball helps to remind us of the existence of our inner thigh muscles too!

Things to know:-

You will receive confirmation of your order with the link to your nominated class. Please make a note of the class you are selecting in 'notes section' at checkout. Example below:

Please allow up to 24 hours from purchase to receipt of your link.
NB: For ease and for one transaction you may prefer to do a bulk order of several classes at once, noting the class numbers in notes section, class 3, 6, 8, 10 as an example.
Now you are ready to move.
Make sure you have a good wifi connection, click on the workout link and you're ready to go. The videos are hosted in high definition privately on YouTube and may take 1 minute to get to full resolution. Please feel free to add comments or questions, I will regularly check these.  It would be great to hear from you.

What you need:
  • A mat (or workout on carpet, a rug or a heavy weighted towel)
  • There are resistance band, chair, ball, magic circle and weight workouts, in addition to prop free.  You can use a light yoga block in place of a pilates ball (or a rolled up towel or cushion for some of the poses).  

The practice is suitable for all ages and stages and you can (a) opt to progress when cued; (b) stay where you are; or (c) give it a go and then regress to initial move or; (d) all of the above.  

Remember - take a break anytime, the session is about careful and mindful movement. Always protect your body and work within your range of movement.  Any niggles, stop what you're doing and correct, I'll instruct body set up and position throughout the class.

Important - If you have any pre-existing injuries or unsure if you should be doing these virtual classes please consult your physician and send an email with your contraindications to:


Disclaimer: By participating in any class provided by Melinda O'Rourke (the Instructor) you consent to, and agree to release the Instructor from liability according to, these terms. Unless the Instructor notifies you otherwise, this waiver and release will apply to all classes undertaken by you with the Instructor.  Click here to review detailed Waiver.

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Size Chart

XS 8 36 8 4
S 10 38 10 6
M 12 40 12 8
L 14 42 14 10
XL 16 44 16 12


Refer to the measurement guide to find your size

1.  Upper Bust, circumference across fullest part of bust - CMs 83 88 93 98 103
1.  Upper Bust, circumference across fullest part of bust - Inches  32.5 34.5  36.5 38.4  40.4
2.  Waist, circumference across narrowest part of waistline - CMs 65 70 75 80 85
2.  Waist, circumference across narrowest part of waistline - Inches  25.5  27.4  29.4 31.4   33.4
3.  Hips, circumference across fullest part of hips  - CMs 93 98 103 108 113
3.  Hips, circumference across fullest part of hips - Inches  36.5  38.4  40.4  42.4  44.4

Handy hint - try to measure yourself in front of a mirror so you can ensure the tape measure is aligned at front and back of torso when measuring bust, waist, hips.