Welcome to MORE BODY we are thrilled you have decided to visit us.

Designed for pilates, barre, in-studio activity, walking the dog, or getting that much needed caffeine, matcha, turmeric latte, juice, power bowl fix or frankly whatever catches your fancy.  No judgement here.

The products are designed to contour your shape and guide your movement, we have incorporated high waists for core control and lower-back support. Wide, under-bust banding for additional support and subtle control of the upper ribs. Key panel construction for contouring and a streamlined aesthetic and importantly we have thrown in a little messaging. If you're anything like us you're quite the visual person, so with that in mind we created the MORE CORE FIVE icon symbols, featured on our signature Companion collection to motivate purposeful practice.  Even remembering 'one' symbol at a time really helps.

Crafted from high-tech fabrics using recycled and eco-friendly materials.  The activewear fabric has a beautiful soft handle and incorporates high-tech design features such as laser-cut finishing for precision, bonding for comfort, and a sophisticated, seasonal aesthetic. The fabric is not only breathable and comfortable against the skin but aids muscle compression, decreasing the production of lactic acid. They also have been tested on the reformer machine for slippage and we are happy to report won't launch you off the long box when performing the breaststroke or pulling straps poses!

MORE BODY has been created to inspire purposeful practice, mindful movement and enhanced performance.

Any questions you may have, please look at our FAQs if you are unable to find what you're looking for please email the MORE Support team on: more@morebody.com.au

Thank you for your interest in MORE BODY, we often hear that MORE is less, yet here we believe in MORE is MORE. 

Size Chart

XS 8 36 8 4
S 10 38 10 6
M 12 40 12 8
L 14 42 14 10
XL 16 44 16 12


Refer to the measurement guide to find your size

1.  Upper Bust, circumference across fullest part of bust - CMs 83 88 93 98 103
1.  Upper Bust, circumference across fullest part of bust - Inches  32.5 34.5  36.5 38.4  40.4
2.  Waist, circumference across narrowest part of waistline - CMs 65 70 75 80 85
2.  Waist, circumference across narrowest part of waistline - Inches  25.5  27.4  29.4 31.4   33.4
3.  Hips, circumference across fullest part of hips  - CMs 93 98 103 108 113
3.  Hips, circumference across fullest part of hips - Inches  36.5  38.4  40.4  42.4  44.4

Handy hint - try to measure yourself in front of a mirror so you can ensure the tape measure is aligned at front and back of torso when measuring bust, waist, hips.