Femininely Regimented


Femininely Regimented encapsulates the wonderful contrast of femininity and regiment of the MORE BODY woman. This collection includes colour panels and stitching with Navy Blue as the foundation contrasted with Peony Pink and Sky Blue. With a certain regiment to adhere to, she does so in a feminine manner.

Navy rules the story and takes its place at the centre stage landing in the mid-line of the body resulting in a more flattering and contouring shape with pink left to flatter on the outside.

The range of styles in the Femininely Regimented collection include the two way wear short core bodysuit, leggings, active crop tops and t-shirts. 

  • Bodysuit: Rectus is our short core two-way wear bodysuit.  Select from one of our active tops Pectoralis or Infraspinatus to wear underneath and enjoy the freedom of movement the bodysuit provides. With bonded finish at the top, adjustable straps and laser cut legs.  Wear the bodysuit either on the low neck or high neck side at front, completely your choice, Rectus looks whip smart on its own or under a t-shirt.
  • Leggings: The Gracilis legging in 7/8 length with a high waist for core control and panel features around the knees and TFL (tensor fasciae latae), side thigh. Standing beside and ready to move is Vastus our mid-waist full length legging with contrast muscle stitching. All leggings work back with our active bra tops, choose from Infraspinatus or Pectoralis. They seriously are better together!
  • Active crop tops:  Need we say more, pair these two styles back with our bodysuit or leggings. Pectoralis is a classic bagged out crop top with more coverage and support. Infaspinatus is a low front, light support option with a 'V' action back, binded finish and adjustable straps.
  • T-Shirts & Tops: Pair your Scapulae t-shirt back with either Gracilis or Vastus leggings or worn over your Rectus bodysuit.  Introducing Spinae the slightly oversized long sleeve top with adjustable ties at the neck, wrist and waist. All tops are supremely comfortable to work out or walk about in as the bamboo fabric is naturally moisture wicking.  

Falling in line, committed to her studio practice yet calmed by her workout decisions. Femininely Regimented brings the opposites of formal and light fun together in one colour collection.


Size Chart

XS 8 36 8 4
S 10 38 10 6
M 12 40 12 8
L 14 42 14 10
XL 16 44 16 12


Refer to the measurement guide to find your size

1.  Upper Bust, circumference across fullest part of bust - CMs 83 88 93 98 103
1.  Upper Bust, circumference across fullest part of bust - Inches  32.5 34.5  36.5 38.4  40.4
2.  Waist, circumference across narrowest part of waistline - CMs 65 70 75 80 85
2.  Waist, circumference across narrowest part of waistline - Inches  25.5  27.4  29.4 31.4   33.4
3.  Hips, circumference across fullest part of hips  - CMs 93 98 103 108 113
3.  Hips, circumference across fullest part of hips - Inches  36.5  38.4  40.4  42.4  44.4

Handy hint - try to measure yourself in front of a mirror so you can ensure the tape measure is aligned at front and back of torso when measuring bust, waist, hips.